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Welcome to JadedRealities

Welcome everybody to !

Finaly … after enough mishaps to drive a person nuts, we found THE place that will be our future home from now on. We as JR Staff would like to thank each and every one of you that decides to be an active part of our community or, if you are already a member, to thank you for your support in making our community even stronger.

So what is JadedReality …

We would like to think of it as a graphics community on steroids, serving our members with quality graphics and the know-hows of the different graphics applications be it 3d, 2d or even hand drawing. Apart from that, we do invite everyone to explore their creative abilities away from their PC and share their creations and experiences with us. BUT … JadedRealities is more than that … Its above all freedom of expression.

Registrations will be open only on the 1st of every month or you can register by invitations found at the usual places. Please make sure you visit this place often for the latest news on JR but also for other subjects that most probably we have in common.

JadedRealities Staff

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